Tuff Grease® is formulated to effectively remove grease on car, truck & heavy equipment engines. It is highly concentrated, water-based, non-flammable and hydrocarbon-free solution.


  • • Spray Tuff Grease evenly onto the surface to be cleaned/de-greased (For easier degreasing, spray solution on a warm engine)
  • • Allow 5-7 minutes then rinse off with high pressured water
  • • Idle engine to dry
  • • Repeat process if necessary


In case of eyes contact, flush eyes with water for 15mins. For skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap & water. Obtain medical attention if irritation develops.


Tuff Grease quickly dissolves grease, oil and dirt on different surfaces -- iron, steel, nickel, chrome, aluminum, magnesium & copper. Best degreaser for automobile, truck & motorbike engines, lawn mowers, garage & workshop floors etc

Avail now and get a chance to make your cleaning sessions easy and no-sweat with our affordable cleaning solution!