Tuff Graffiti™ is a non-flammable, water & solvent based solution to effectively remove graffiti from all types of porous and non-porous surface.


  • • Before actual application, make sure of the following
    • a. Wear gloves, pvc or natural rubber to protect hands
    • b. Check substrates compatibility by applying small amount onto the target area. Once graffiti
    is softened proceed with actual application
  • • Spray or brush onto the graffiti covered surface
  • • Leave for few minutes
  • • Check if Graffiti has softened or dissolved
  • • Wash off with hose or high pressured water
  • • Repeat process if necessary


In case of eyes contact, flush eyes with water for 15mins. For skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap & water. Obtain medical attention if irritation develops.


Graffiti removal on brick, masonry, timber, plastic surface, metal, color-bond fences, glass, ceramics, tiles etc.

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